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Quick and Easy Tips for a Great Christening Party Food on a Budget

Are you about to fret about catering for an upcoming christening? No need to. There is plenty of ideas yet many actually are simple to make for a memorable christening be it for small or large gatherings of friends and family.

Planning, Planning, Planning

This is about the only major hurdle in the way to a successful buffet for any christening. On the day of the christening, things tend to move really fast so if you will organise the buffet yourself, make sure you have it planned and executed to the letter – that is ensuring that things like having it prepared the night before for you to have plenty of time for yourself and loved ones on the day. Ensure plenty of storage for your buffet platters usually a little more than you have in plan or rather enough for your guests’ buffet spread.

Family and Friends Are Invaluable

This is probably one of the most ignored yet important aspect for any event of this type. After all, it’s a gathering for friends and family so why not have them involved in the process. In fact, their involvement often than not makes for a day from the extra buzz they bring with them. For those bigger families, you could consider preparing the buffet on the morning of the day of the christening as you will have enough helping hands and ultimately get as fresh a spread as possible.

Plan your menu

This comes in with our first tip. Over all however, simplicity might call for a cold finger buffet which undoubtedly can be great – as there is plenty of cold choices such as Sandwiches, a snack selection be it Indian, Traditional, Chinese or Oriental, meat platters, mini bites such as muffins, pizzas, canapés or indeed those lovely mini jam and cream sponges. The traditional and Indian selections are an example of a simple yet readily available choice including mini sausage rolls, mini-sausages, mini pork pies, onion barjees, samosas, spring rolls and are all available from supermarkets such as Tesco, Marks and Spencers or Iceland.

These go well with dips, crudities. Nibbles such as crisps, bite-size fruit, nuts, pringles are all easy choices. Consider vegetarian and meat choices, half and half usually a good starting point especially for the sandwich selection. Add salads to your offering such as potato salad, rice salad, a green salad, pasta salad or simply a mixed salad.

If you will use a caterer, consider your choices again carefully and fix your budget as a way of ensuring you maintain strict discipline in regards to costs. At Benons Catering, we like to work with customers with whatever budget they may have and tailor buffet solutions to their needs.  

Wide Choice and Plenty of Ideas

The success of any event usually comes down to the level of imagination. A lot can be achieved with varied budgets, venues and guest numbers which all comes down to how well one’s willing to employ every imagination available to them. It may for example all be down to situations such as hot buffets considered for the for winter months, while other choices such as something exotic, BBQs for summer, hog roasts, canapés or indeed a themed buffet just the right choice for your specific event or timing. 

If you will use a caterer like ourselves, the sky is the limit to put it simply. From mini-baked potatoes with a range of fillings, to hot or fork buffets there is a wide choice. Chilli con carne, homemade pies, curries and chillies, Lasagnes are some of the main stream dishes most caterers will be comfortable preparing even at short notice.

So in short….

Plan ahead is the rule like in all things as you might know already. At the time of the buffet, the event springs into life and there is always enough going on to keep you busy.

Keep organised and make some décor to add that extra spice to impress.

As part of your menu planning, consider tastes, flavour combinations while keeping it simple as often guests will like a bit of everything.

The choice of menu is important as it might well determine how involved you will be with your guests. Hiring staff for example from your caterer while keeping ahead with your planning ensures you have enough time to interact with your guests. A finger buffet on the other hand ensure guests are interacting with each other which can add some extra vibe.

Consider what space and equipment requirements you might want including water urns for a hot tea/coffee, hot holding equipment etc

Keep a close look at your budgeting, it can easily run out of hand as I have noticed over the years. A good balance of quality and price is a good way to go but if not sure, post a catering lead here on to get the best quote within your budget. You may be surprised what ideas our caterers might come up with.


Often over looked, drinks can not only spice of a buffet with their bustling colours and favours, they add to the whole buffet atmosphere. Consider cocktails even non-alcoholic cocktails as some guests will be driving back. If you are considering juice why not think of soft drinks, why not an interesting one, like elderflower, ginger beer and mint rather than plain juice or fizzy drinks adds impact. Remember to keep then chilled or have ice cubes on the side.

Your little ones christening day is a very special event and we at would love to help make sure the catering side is taken care of for the day, as this day has to be as special as your little one is! Our caterers come with the experience of catering for all occasions be it small or large.


They fully appreciate that a wide range of age groups usually attend such an event. Therefore they will work with you all the way to create the ideal hot or cold christening buffet which caters for all ages. Some of our caterers even have the option where they can offer the kids attending the christening a kids snack box, so they have their own individual lunch box which Is a fantastic idea for the younger age group attending the christening.

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We\'re a specialist Caterer with many success stories over the years gone by. Some of the various types of events we cater for include:

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Benons Catering has been providing catering services to businesses around the UK for over ten years and boasts over 25 years combined experience at the top in the sector. We highly regard ourselves as industry experts in the field if not one the leading ones. We’ve built our philosophy on building every single one of our bespoke services around our customer’s needs through expert assessment and analysis of what’s necessary and what can be achieved within each customer’s situation. We’ve built processes within our operations that are adaptable to every event situation.

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