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Finger Sandwich Platters Ideas

Honey roast beef on white/granary bread served with fresh horseradish cream or English Mustard

Minted Lamb white/granary bread

Cheese and Tomatoes on white/granary bread

Tuna and Sweetcorn Mayo on white/granary bread

Smoked salmon and Pepper with lemon butter on white/granary bread

Prawn with cocktail sauce on rye bread

Cucumber and cream cheese on white/granary bread

Egg mayonnaise with cress on white/granary bread


Hot Finger Buffet Menus Ideas

Home cooked mini pies including (cheese and onion, bacon and cheese, )

Baby venison and blueberry puff pastry pies

Brie, bacon and cranberry muffin

100% British Beef burger with cheddar and Burger Relish

Jumbo Hot dog with fried onion in a finger bun

Chicken Royale – a chicken burger with lemon mayo

Freshly Prepared Falafel, Humus, lettuce and minted Yogurt Wrap

Black and white sesame-crusted salmon fillet burger with homemade red onion tartar sauce

Salmon and crab beignets with a sweet and sour salsa

Tomato, red onion and Pepper Wrap

Cheese, leek and thyme Barms/Wraps

Hot Dessert Menu Ideas

Double chocolate brownie

Apple pie

Spotted Dick with Freshly Prepared Custard

Sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream

Double Chocolate Muffin with Freshly Prepared Custard

And Many others too…..

Traditional tiramisu

White & dark chocolate mousse with a Cointreau sponge

Savoury Crepes with a selection of toppings

Sweet Crepes with a selection of toppings

Cream brulée

Banana Split Ice Cream Sundae

Cold Finger Buffet Menu Ideas

Falafel served with Humus and Minted Yogurt

Sesame seeds in Honey Cocktail Sausages

Yorkshire puddings with silverside roast beef and English Mustered

Oriental duck wraps with Hoisin Sauce

Mini Vegetarian Quiche Selection

Salmon, spring onion and dill quiche

Sweet Chilli Chicken filo parcel

Cajun char-grilled chicken and cherry tomato skewer

Homemade Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Blinis

Smoked salmon and pepper, lime and cucumber cream cheese bagel

Piri-piri Chicken Split Sticks Platter

Chicken Sate and Sweet Chilli Dip

Bruschetta with sun blushed tomatoes, roasted peppers, pesto oil and shaved parmesan

Petit Pastry Lattice filled with ham & cheese, mushroom, & salmon

Freshly made Mini Pizza Selection

Pate with Mini Oat Cakes

Mozzarella, olive oil roasted peppers, pepper on Half Ciabatta

Ham, Cheese and Pineapple Sticks

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Vol au Vaunts

Chicken Goujons and Dips

Cold Dessert Menu Ideas

Mini Chocolate Éclairs

Mini Cheese Cake Selection

Lemon tart

Lemon meringue pie

Mini Muffins Selection

Lemon tart

Mini Flapjacks and Brownies

And For A decorative or Artisan Style, See these Menu Ideas

Selection of Artisan breads served with olive oil and dips

Vegetable Crudities - platter with the freshest seasonal vegetables with dips

Meat platter with Ham, Silverside Beef, chorizo, Parma ham and salami and pepperoni slices

Fruit Salad with fresh seasonal fruits and cream

Seasonal fruit sticks

Marinated Mixed olives, tomatoes and mozzarella sticks

Cheese straws

Root vegetable crisps and sour cream dip

Ham, Pineapple and cheese skewers


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