3 Exotic Fruits Worth Incorporating into Dessert at Your Next Dinner Party

 By Kylee Myers 23-05-2023

3 Exotic Fruits Worth Incorporating into Dessert at Your Next Dinner Party
62% of Britons have altered their diet in order to get healthier, according to one British Nutrition Foundation survey, which was conducted online by YouGov as part of the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week 2021. For those who are looking to put a healthier spin on certain meals — such as dessert — there are no shortage of options out there, especially when incorporating tropical fruits. From pineapples to durian and beyond, here are just three ways that you can create exotic yet healthy desserts in time for your next dinner party.
A variety of options with durian
Durian might be a controversial tropical fruit thanks to its off-putting smell, though the taste is described as rich and creamy, which becomes apparent when the fruit is extremely ripe. With the same size and shape as a medium-sized watermelon and spiky skin, this exotic fruit is popular across Asia, and likely won’t be found in your typical U.S. grocery store. For those who are able to find a durian fruit, however, Taste Atlas highlights a few fantastic dessert recipes worth trying. 
Vietnamese Fruit Cocktail (Chè Thái) is just one worthy option to try out at your next dinner party, and is usually described as consisting of a cream base accompanied by a variety of ingredients (which may be difficult to find, though a search at your nearest Asian supermarket can be a great place to look). “Typical additions include various types of canned fruit such as lychee, jackfruit, longan, or red-colored water chestnuts, as well as coconut milk, pandan-flavored jelly, and the sweet liquid in which the fruit was preserved,” states the post. Finished off with ice cubes, this dish can make a great option for summertime dinner parties.
Going beyond the pineapple-on-pizza trend
Adding pineapple to your pizza might sound like the best way to put a healthy spin on dinner. However, for those looking to supplement their pizza night with a healthy dessert option, pineapple can serve as the perfect tropical addition to a variety of recipes. Rather than the typical pineapple upside down cake, however, branching out with a refreshing and homemade pineapple sorbet can make for a healthier option over chocolate ice cream. One post from A Sweet Pea Chef with Lacey Baier features a two ingredient pineapple sorbet that is not only sugar-free, but is just 45 calories. According to the post, the beginner-friendly recipe entails using a blender to make the sorbet, which consists of frozen pineapple cubes and freshly squeezed lime juice. 
Passionfruit desserts
Passion fruit, according to Healthline, is rich in antioxidants (particularly vitamin C, beta carotene, and polyphenols), not to mention it's a good source of dietary fiber. For home chefs looking to incorporate the fruit into a healthy dessert, one Insanely Good Recipes post highlights a variety of worthy contenders that can make healthier choices than the typical chocolate-filled cookies — from mango passion fruit sorbet to passion fruit bars. Vegan passion fruit tart is another recipe highlighted by the post, making it a great tropical dessert option for those who need to cater to a guest’s vegan diet. Instead of using egg yolks to give the tart its signature thickness, Insanely Good Recipes notes that the vegan version uses coconut cream, cornstarch, and agar-agar to produce the same results.
Creating a healthy dessert may sound nearly impossible, though incorporating tropical fruit can make for a delicious solution. Whether you choose to go with a classic pineapple sorbet or a vegan passionfruit tart, there’s no question that your dinner party guests will be craving a second portion.


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