Why hosting a vegan dinner party is easier than you think

By Kylee Ryers 01-10-2022

Why hosting a vegan dinner party is easier than you think

With the market bursting with options, over 36% of Brits now approve of a vegan diet. Indeed, vegan foods are rapidly gaining popularity as diners seek out more ethical, sustainable alternatives to meat. Whether you’re a vegan or not, chances are you’ll have friends who are, so it's never been more important to learn how to host a dinner party for vegans!

Sustainability in the kitchen and at the table
A large part of veganism’s draw is reducing the impact of our eating habits on the climate. As a result, sustainable or “zero-waste” dinner parties are becoming increasingly popular among millennials. They allow you to enjoy food and company without feeling guilty about the environmental cost. Planning is the key to reducing waste. That means having a clear picture of how much food everyone will eat and cooking accordingly. Where you source your ingredients is critical to ensuring your dinner party is eco-friendly. Rather than purchasing vegetables from the supermarket where they will often have travelled hundreds if not thousands of miles to get to your basket, why not visit your local farmers market. Farmers markets are an incredible source of high quality, fresh ingredients without the environmental impact of long shipping journeys. Don’t just look at your groceries though, have a think about everything that goes into your dinner party from the napkins to the candles. Vegan candles in particular gained mainstream popularity in recent years, and the best part is, they’re not only good for the environment, but for your health, too.  One of the easiest ways to make your dinner party more environmentally friendly is to eliminate single-use kitchenware. Upcycling is your friend here! If you decide to create decorative table arrangements, reuse materials such as mason jars.

Catering for vegans
Entering the world of vegan cooking may sound daunting for those who still consume meat but the truth is that many of the most popular vegan dishes are made incredibly simple by their lack of meat. Meat is often time consuming and tricky to cook whereas vegetables require significantly less time and preparation. Hummus is a great example of a vegan staple with near-infinite possibilities as a starter. Whether it's coupled with crackers, bread or chopped carrot this versatile Middle Eastern dip is sure to please. Meat substitutes have come a long way over the last ten years. While lab-grown meat isn’t quite a commercial reality yet, soy-based substitutes such as Quorn can recreate much of the flavour and texture of meat. These work particularly well in sauces such as bolognese or as a mince filling to a cottage pie! Vegan desserts are notoriously difficult to get right because milk and eggs are so heavily ingrained in Western cooking. However, vegan brownies and ice cream are excellent dessert options as both can be achieved to a high quality using clever substitutes and techniques. 
Hosting an eco-friendly, vegan dinner party is so much easier than you might think. With a few smart substitutions and a little adjustment you may even find this approach to actually be much more time efficient and straightforward than flashy expensive meat-based dinner parties. All it takes is a little reading and a bit of creativity to create an unforgettable night free of guilt!


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