Delicious Keto-Friendly Food Ideas For Your Catered Event

Delicious Keto-Friendly Food Ideas For Your Catered Event
By Kylee Ryers 29/04/2021
The ketogenic diet is everywhere, and this eating plan has become trendy among celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kourtney Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, and Halle Berry. It has also become popular due to its positive impact on health, and while medical experts have always recommended this low-carb, high-protein diet for those with blood sugar problems, new research has found that it may even prevent and relieve migraine symptoms. Including keto-friendly food options in your menu for a special event may seem like a challenge, especially since some of the most popular party foods are laden with refined carbohydrates and sugar. However, with  some coordination with your caterer, and by choosing the right ingredients, you can create a healthy and inviting spread that even those on a keto diet can enjoy. Here are some delicious keto-friendly food ideas for your catered event.
Create a keto-friendly grazing table
Grazing tables became popular in the UK in 2019, and have continued to be a trend in weddings and other events in the country. Not only does it elevate a celebration, but having one also gives you the opportunity to provide different food options to suit everyone's dietary requirements. To cater to guests who are on the keto diet, provide low-carb, high-protein hors d'oeuvres on your grazing table, such as bacon-wrapped mozzarella sticks, zucchini tater tots, and buffalo shrimp lettuce wraps. For a family gathering, serve family-friendly ketogenic food, such as a keto pizza with a cauliflower crust, so everyone can enjoy the offerings regardless of their eating plan. You can also include low carb vegetables on your grazing table, such as artichoke hearts, broccoli, bell peppers and asparagus, and serve them with a yogurt or cheese dip for an added hit of protein.
Serve protein-rich entrees
For a sit-down catered dinner, offer protein-rich entrees that will leave your guests feeling full. Salmon and other fatty fish are high in protein and are virtually carb-free, while pork or dark meat poultry are budget-friendly options suit a keto diet. If you want to treat your guests, go all-out on a lamb entrée or steak with a Brussels sprout salad as a side dish. Meanwhile, for those on a ketogenic plant-based diet, offer high-protein vegetarian options, such as grilled teriyaki aubergine or stir fried cauliflower rice. 
Don't forget dessert
No dessert table is complete without cake or pastries, but don't stop there. For keto-friendly sweets, include a berry mousse, fresh berries and whipped cream, and oven-baked brie with some fruits and nuts on the side. If you're having an ice cream bar, include one or two flavours of low carb ice cream so your guests can enjoy a serving or two without worrying about getting kicked out of ketosis. Meanwhile, no-bake keto peanut butter and chocolate bars, a chocolate cake made with almond flour, a chocolate mousse, or hazelnut truffles will satisfy your guests' chocolate cravings at your party.  

Serving keto-friendly food at your event can help to make your celebration more fun and inclusive for people on a special diet. Consider serving these keto foods at your wedding, corporate event, or birthday celebration to satisfy and impress your guests. 


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