3 Ground-breaking Ways You Can Take Your Pizza to the Next Level

 3 Groundbreaking Ways You Can Take Your Pizza to the Next Level

By Kylee Ryers - 01-12-22
UK millennials order pizza to go up to ten times a month, according to one survey by health insurer Aviva. While the statistic highlights a true love for pizza, those who are looking to save money and cook at home don’t necessarily have to cross a good piece of pizza off the menu. From tips on how to make a better homemade pizza to how you can elevate a frozen one entirely, here are just three smart ways you can take your next slice of pizza to the next level.
Elevating the homemade slice
Making pizza at home can be a great way to save money, though ending up with the perfect result can be a challenge for many home cooks. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways that you can elevate your homemade pizza - from the dough to the sauce and the toppings. According to Caitlin Raux, who took the Homemade Pizza course with Chef Sue Gonçalves at the Institute of Culinary Education, how you go about making homemade pizza can make a difference. For example, after the dough has risen, Raux notes that starting from the middle when stretching the dough and pushing outwards, which will allow it to be slightly thicker around the edge and not too thin in the middle. This way, your dough will be able to support the toppings. Raux further points out that ‘less is more’ when it comes to the sauce, as too much will result in a soggy, weak crust.
According to one Taste of Home post, the less is more technique can apply to other aspects of the homemade pizza-making process. In addition to the sauce, it’s recommended to go easy on the toppings as well as the cheese. With a maximum of three toppings, you’ll avoid soggy dough while allowing for the opportunity to taste each of them, notes the article. Regarding the cheese, it’s noted that too much will add excess moisture to the dough, preventing it from getting crisp. 
The value in trying something new
If you’re looking for a new way to go about making pizza, trying something new entirely can be well worth the effort, especially when it comes to taste. While smoking food typically brings smoked meat to mind, cooking your pizza in a smoker can be a game changer, and will result in a perfect, smoky taste that’s ideal for those looking for something different. When planning to cook pizza in a smoker, having the right equipment on hand is essential, and should include tools like a pizza stone, a pizza peel, and of course, a smoker (which can be a typical smoker, a grill with a smoke box, or even a pellet smoker). Whether you choose to use a store-bought pizza or a homemade pie, smoking the pizza can be done easily by transferring the prepared pizza onto a parchment-covered, preheated pizza stone with the help of the pizza peel. Leaving the pizza to cook in the smoker for 20 minutes while keeping the lid closed will help impart the smoky flavor - you’ll know it’s ready when the crust is brown and the cheese is bubbling.  
How to dress up a frozen pizza
For those that don’t have time to make a homemade pizza from scratch, skipping the frozen aisle at the grocery store and ordering in can sound rather appealing - and more delicious. However, there are a variety of ways that you can take the typical frozen pizza to new heights, leaving you with a great dinner and more money in your wallet. Chef Max Hardy, owner of Coop Detroit and Jed’s Detroit pizzeria gave Insider plenty of insight on elevating a frozen pizza. Adding fresh toppings is just one of Hardy’s tips, though it’s advised to thaw the pizza out during the day, and then remove all the toppings to add your own. 
Fresh toppings, whether it be veggies, meat, or extra cheese, can not only allow for the ultimate way to meet any cravings, but can make a frozen pizza taste better than takeout. “Frozen pizza is a good base, but it’s so easy to make it taste better by adding fresh ingredients like vegetables or your favourite proteins,” Hardy tells Insider, going on to recommend making a homemade garlic butter to further amp up the flavour. According to Insider, this can easily be achieved by combining softened/melted butter with ingredients like ground black pepper, minced garlic, or parmesan cheese, to name just a few.
Ordering from your favourite pizzeria can make for a simple, speedy, and delicious meal. However, for those looking to cut down on ordering out, pizza doesn’t have to be off the menu. Whether you’re looking to invest in a homemade pie or simply dress up a frozen one, there are several ways that you can ensure a perfectly cooked meal.


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