Catering-saving tips: Experts share the top 17 Buffet savings hacks for 2023 – 'knock £500 off your catering costs’

Catering-saving tips: Experts share the top 17 Buffet savings hacks for 2023 – 'knock £500 off your catering costs’
As we start the year, families and companies up and down the country will be looking for money-saving ideas in 2023 everywhere including catering for parties either for families or company events
As a catering expert, brings you the most useful ways to save money by considering your events right at the start of the year and planning well in advance into 2024 something that could knock hundreds of pounds off event and catering expenses.
Undoubtedly, everyone has been increasingly feeling the pinch since 2020 when energy costs started to spiral upwards. The major driver for cost increases has been energy but this has been felt much so in the inflationary pressures in the food baskets at home. Similarly, event catering businesses have suffered the same fate with many increasing their costs to reflect the new realities while others that were slow to adjust have found themselves out of business altogether. In addition, the industry as a whole is suffering from a skills crunch and hiring for event and catering staff is now at its most acute for over a decade. Staff shortages, energy bills, and food price increases have meant that catering and hospitality industry is at a crossroads once again.
These events have been compounded in some areas reduced business as consumers rein in their budgets squeezing revenues and stifling investments in new capabilities for a lot of catering and hospitality businesses. The last year has therefore seen worries over rising costs of food and expenses not only for families in how they can manage their finances for 2023 but so too for catering providers.
Despite the gloom, many Britons can still see savings often through early preventive steps to save their cash, sticking to an event budget and plan, and going communal in the way to see events organised successfully.
Emma Greenfield, online Catering and Events expert at, says: “December is usually one of the most expensive months of the year for events for families and businesses, and it is therefore unsurprising that in the current climate, many are now tight for cash when it comes to January and indeed the test of the year.”
“As an industry, 2022 was one of the toughest years when it comes to operations and strategies as the triple whammy of rising energy costs, staff shortages, and reduced business volumes compounded into a tsunami of exceptional business environment. Sadly, these events continue to weigh down on many operations ththroughout023. “
Benons Catering is offering individuals and companies some simple tips on how to stick to measurable plans and budgets, so they don’t have to worry about catering expenses or be left strapped for cash.
A spokesperson said innovative thinking is often all many need to make a huge difference for many hosts’ catering costs.
Emma adds: “We’ve found various ways through experience and working with innovative hosts to save over the year such as following budget planners and booking events a year or so in advance, sometimes to savings of thousands of pounds.”. has shared 17 money-saving hacks for 2023 including:
1.      Budget planner
"Start the year on flyer by spending time on the key events you will need for the rest of the year and even 2024 together with approximate budgets. Digitising this can help visualise some of the key expenses that stand out of your budget and plan. Seeing them this way can help tackle them by breaking them down.  This way you not only keep tabs with the key items but also are able to devise ways to cut down to help save hundreds off your event budget."
2.      Side/Off hustle key budget items
"A savvy way to save money on event catering and planning is to start making key items ahead of time and freeze or keep them safe. Décor for an upcoming wedding can for example be made at home during spare time well ahead of the event with friends and family sometimes knocking £100s off the budget this way. Similarly, simple and delicious finger foods can be made in spare time to be frozen ready for thawing a day or so before the event, costing much less than an ordered buffet.
3.      Enter free giveaways!
"Social media giveaways are also an easy way to grab a freebie and all it needs is to stay on the lookout for these. A lot of it is admittedly down to chance. Nonetheless, it’s worth doing as the only effort you’ll likely be putting in is following a few catering companies on social media and tag a friend in the comments."
4.      Set measurable savings goals!
"It’s all nice and well to save for an event and squeeze every penny possible. However, what good will it be if all it does is strip all the fun out of the event? Often it is for example the case for informal gatherings that the host is mingling with guests rather than cages away in the kitchen preparing the spread for them. It is also often the case that some items need to be bought in bulk for savings while not all of it/them might be used resulting in waste. Create the right balance between savings and a professional presentation that in the end will save you time and money."
5.      Shop during sale events
"January sales are some of the prime sales events over the year for a lot of event and catering providers, where many knock down their prices after the Christmas rush particularly for advance bookings. If you have family or friends with birthdays coming up or a wedding next year or indeed a corporate bbq event sometime in the summer, this is undoubtedly the best time to save on the costs."
6.      Book 2024 Catering now
"When it comes to catering costs, early bookings always save you more. In essence, the earlier you book, the better. In the events and catering industry, many companies offer zero or up to 25% deposit schemes where they allow you to spread the cost monthly rather than all in one go. Have a look at these schemes often giving a fixed price or percentage off the total cost often up to 20% depending on the size of the event. "
7.      Shop around for deals
"There are many catering booking sites and directories that can help you get quotes from multiple providers for comparison. often, fairs can also be a good opportunity to obtain quotes. Having many quotes can help you with price points comparisons to ensure that you are not only getting the best provision but also at the best price."
8.      Join community groups for free activities as part of your event
"Community groups now exist both in the virtual and real worlds which means you can benefit from experiences shared online such on Mumsnet or indeed make your event as part of a community theme for example at a local summer park. This will help even further for example when organised as part of a community fun day to help with savings on fun activities."
9.      Join loyalty schemes!
"In the past when you or your family have used a service provider, it is often the case that some loyalty existed or now exists since then. This is your opportunity to join their reward schemes. This can sometimes result in freebies or discounts on your event booking perhaps with a little nudge."
10.Seek out free Venue Hire Opportunities
"It is often the case that hosts will want their event at a venue other than at home. This could be in part because of space constraints at home or better facilities at dedicated event venues. Many venues offer free venue hire within some limitations such as the use of the bar or inhouse catering services. Look out for such deals but also be mindful of the fact some venues may have hidden costs when it comes to food and drink provision for the guests”.
11.Sign up for email subscriptions!
"So, you are busy sending quote requests through various service providers. Have you thought that even if they end up in your junk mail, it’s worth signing up for email subscriptions every time you send a quote request? You can be offered exclusive discounted services for example as part of a new promotion drive or service launch."
12.Home-made spreads from leftovers
"Reconstituting leftover meals into new recipes and freezing them ahead of an upcoming event can be a quick way to save money. There are many websites with buffet recipes that you can make in the comfort of your home kitchen and thaw a day or so before the event."
13.Split the Bill
"This is now becoming a popular attraction for many millennials. Whether it’s a hen do or a birthday party, or indeed a company do, you can have the bill split between willing guests by having them come with their own faves. This not only ensures a wide variety on offer but equally that those guests with special dietary requirements will often find this an opportunity to join in the fun without being overly worried or limited in what they would have otherwise had. Seems then like a no-brainer in using the clever trick to split the bill or cost of the event. "
14.Use a credit card
"When booking events in advance, use a credit card and make use of the cashback offers a lot of providers have with their cards service saving you some pounds. Please remember only do so if you can realistically manage to fit the payment into the Events budget."
15.Go Simple and Basic for Buffets foods and decor
"There is always a multitude of items of varying quality that will be reflected in the price that will taste just as nice. Using sliced quiche instead of mini quiches can for example save you up to 60% of the cost depending on the size of the event. Similarly, Veggies and meats often taste the same so it’s worth exploring for price on this basis as well as for non-branded substitutes to cut down on the buffet cost. Similarly still, simple or basic décor if used innovatively can have a matched appeal to the high end décor."
16.Fix your budget for an event
"Often, events tend to overrun on budget if there are no limits set. It is therefore important that you plan your budget and stick to it even if this means cutting down on things you had expected. This way, savings can be reaslised that could be released for other things or simply working to budget at hand.
17.Stick to the event plan
"Extend your keenness on keeping things under tab by drawing up and sticking to a plan. Planning, together with budget controls are the two most important influences to cost control for your event.
Following these tips will put you in good stead when organising an event in 2023 and beyond. For more tips, tricks and ideas for everything catering, parties and events, please visit us at




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