Great Catering Ideas For A Cosplay Party

 By Kylee Gray - 14/04/2019


Great Catering Ideas For A Cosplay Party

Cosplay is a word understood by every geek in the country - it is the art of getting dressed up as your favorite, movie, book or video character. This isn’t a naff adult fancy dress party though, with ill-fitting wigs and costumes bought from a market stall. Cosplay costumes are elaborate and accurate representations of much-loved characters. There is some extreme effort and planning involved. This is why the catering should match the dedication of the outfits.  

Cosplay Canapes

Canapes and bite-sized morsels are a good idea for a cosplay party. Consider how difficult it is to eat a full-blown meal if you are wearing an elaborate costume, or you have face paint or a mask on. You should definitely rule out serving bowls of spaghetti bolognaise or a messy trifle. Instead offer your guests a luxury canape assortment and some platters of beautifully made finger sandwiches.You can buy a platter that serves up to 6 people for as little as £15.60. Blinis with guacamole and crab meat, or with chicken tikka are real crowd pleasers and easy to eat, even if you are dressed as the Incredible Hulk.  

Cosplay cocktails

No party is complete without some good cocktails on the menu. You can rename classics - The Cosplaypolitan, or pay tribute to some of the classic movies. You can even take inspiration from superheroes, such as The Green Lantern and The Dark Knight. Think about what would be consumed in the Cantina Bar - you certainly wouldn’t expect them to be serving a cocktail out of a boring pint glass in Mos Eisley. Presentation is everything. Your cosplay cocktails should have bright colors, full of fresh flavours and served out of beautiful or unusual drinking receptacles. You could even serve your cocktails out of Mad Hatter’s tea cups - it would certainly be well-remembered.

The Cosplaypolitan

30ml Cranberry Juice

10ml Lime Juice

45ml Vodka

15ml Triple Sec

Crushed Ice

Combine the ingredients with the ice and then strain into a frosted glass. Garnish with lemon, lime or orange slices. Drink in style with your cosplay friends.

Bento box desserts

Finally, no cosplay party would be complete without some seriously sophisticated desserts. A lot of inspiration for Cosplay costumes comes from Japanese manga and graphic novels. As a tribute to this, how about serving each guest a bento box of small, but perfectly formed desserts. You could include fresh fruit skewers (that are wonderfully easy to eat), cakes in miniature, delicate pastries and sweet treats. Another great idea is to hire a candy floss machine or a chocolate fountain. The chocolate fountain comes with an amazing range of dippings that include coconut macaroons, Turkish delight, jelly babies, honeycomb, mini muffins, profiteroles and waffles. This will be a favorite for every guest that is young at heart.

The perfect cosplay party needs catering that will match the dedication that the guests put into making their costumes. The food should be exciting, colorful, original and overall, tasty and delicious.



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