Winter Wonderland Weddings: Creating a Sparkling Fairytale

 Winter Wonderland Weddings: Creating a Sparkling Fairytale

11/1/2024 - Benons Catering
We often find the winter season to be a source of immense inspiration for crafting the perfect luxurious winter wonderland wedding beyond the fascinating wedding outfits choices couples often go for. As experts in the art of catering and event design, we are here to guide you through creating a magical and memorable celebration that channels the essence of winter's beauty.
A Blue Colour Palette:
The winter season is synonymous with a beautiful array of blues, from the crystal-clear skies to the mesmerizing tones of icy lakes. These shades of blue not only capture the essence of winter but also offer an elegant and versatile colour palette for a wonderland wedding. In our catering design, we incorporate these tones into our table linens, glassware, and even in the presentation of our dishes. Lighter blues create a serene, frosty atmosphere, perfect for a daytime celebration, while the darker shades bring a sense of majesty and grandeur, ideal for an evening reception. We ensure that these colours are reflected in every detail, from the appetizers to the main course presentation. For those who wish to add more depth, we suggest complementing these blues with jewel tones like burgundy or evergreen, which pair beautifully with a navy-blue base.
A Red and Green Colour Palette:
For those who prefer a more traditional holiday theme, a vibrant red and green palette brings warmth and festivity to the occasion. This colour scheme works wonderfully with our rustic yet regal culinary themes. Picture a tablescape adorned with deep red tablecloths, emerald-green napkins, and centrepieces featuring pinecones and holly. Our wedding menu reflects this palette with dishes that feature rich, hearty flavours and vibrant presentations. Think of succulent meats garnished with cranberries and herbs, or desserts adorned with festive red and green accents. This colour combination is perfect for creating a cosy, intimate atmosphere, making your winter wedding feel like a luxurious holiday celebration.
Faux Fur Accents:
The chilly season calls for the luxurious warmth of faux fur, a perfect addition to a winter wonderland wedding. At Benons Catering, we integrate this lavish element into various aspects of our service. For the bridal party, we recommend elegant faux fur stoles or jackets, which not only add a touch of royal elegance to the attire but also serve as beautiful props for outdoor photography against a backdrop of snow-covered landscapes or icy lakes. In the reception area, we incorporate faux fur in the decor – think faux fur drapes on the bride’s and groom’s chairs or a faux fur table runner on the gift table. Our lounging areas can be transformed into cosy retreats with faux fur blankets and pillows, creating inviting spaces for guests to relax and enjoy the festivities.
Metallic Finishes:
At Benons Catering, we believe that metallic finishes are essential for adding a touch of glamour to any winter wedding. The shimmer and sheen of metallics beautifully mirror the sparkle of ice and snow, enhancing the magical winter wonderland theme. When we design your event, we carefully consider the use of metallic elements to complement your chosen colour palette. Metallics are versatile - they can be featured in our elegant table settings with dinnerware and decorative pieces or used more subtly in smaller details like centrepiece vases, candle holders, and even the trim on place cards. The goal is to strike the perfect balance, ensuring that these elements enhance the luxurious feel of your wedding without overwhelming the overall design.
Rhinestones are another key element in creating a stunning winter wonderland ambience. Their sparkling appearance is reminiscent of a frosty winter day and brings an imperial elegance to the setting. Our approach is to use rhinestones as an accent - to highlight key features of your wedding décor and attire. We might suggest adding rhinestone embellishments to your floral arrangements or incorporating them into your bridal accessories for that extra sparkle. In our table settings and centrepieces, rhinestone accents are used to capture and reflect light, creating a radiant and enchanting atmosphere throughout your venue.
Twigs and Pinecones:
Embracing the natural beauty of the season, twigs and pinecones are perfect for adding a rustic yet elegant touch to your winter wedding. As part of our service, we can source these natural elements to create unique and charming décor pieces. Simple, yet sophisticated, twigs can be fashioned into minimalist centrepieces or arranged with flowers in vases for a more organic look. Pinecones can be used in various ways, from table scatterings to bowl displays, and even as part of garlands or place card holders. To align them with the winter wonderland theme, we often enhance these natural elements with touches of metallics, glitter, pearls, or rhinestones, adding a hint of luxury while maintaining their rustic charm.
In the realm of winter wonderland weddings, glitter plays a pivotal role in adding a radiant sparkle to the event. At Benons Catering, we suggest choosing glitter that harmonizes with your selected colour palette, ensuring a cohesive and elegant look. Our team skilfully incorporates glitter into various elements of the wedding décor. Imagine glitter-covered candles casting a warm, shimmering light across your reception, or menus and name cards adorned with a tasteful glitter accent, adding a touch of glamour to each table setting. For a more modern twist, we can create glitter-blocked paper items, offering a contemporary take on the classic colour-blocking technique. Personalized touches, such as large initials of the couple's names, become focal points of sparkle when covered in glitter. Even natural décor elements like feathers or twigs can be dipped in glitter and used as unique centrepieces. To truly captivate your guests, consider draping tables with glitter fabric, transforming your reception into an unforgettable, shimmering spectacle.
Snowflake Motifs:
Snowflake motifs are quintessential to a winter wonderland theme, bringing the essence of a snowy landscape indoors. Our approach at Benons Catering is to weave these delicate designs into various aspects of the wedding. They can beautifully adorn paper items such as invitations, menus, and place cards, adding a subtle yet enchanting wintry touch. For décor, snowflakes can be hung from branches, integrated into garlands, or even used to create a sparkling snowflake canopy above the dining area. We also recommend using paper snowflake punch-outs and sequins as confetti for the couple’s grand send-off, creating a magical, snowy farewell. By incorporating snowflake motifs in a balanced manner, we ensure they enhance the winter theme elegantly without overpowering the overall aesthetic.
At Benons Catering, our goal is to bring your dream of a winter wonderland wedding to life, with every detail meticulously planned and executed to create an ambience of enchantment and luxury. From glittering accents to snowflake motifs, we are dedicated to designing a celebration that perfectly captures the magic and beauty of the winter season.


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