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Party Buffet Catering Service Tottenham

Funeral Catering Package 3 min 50ppl
Funeral Catering Package 3 min 50ppl

Selection of Freshly made Sandwiches both meat and Veg 50/50 on granary and white assorted breads, Homemade Quiche Selection Spicy Breaded Chicken Goujons with Chilli Dip Sausage Rolls Pork Pies Selections of Salted Nuts and Crisps Sliced Scotch Eggs & Mini Savoury Eggs Cheese & Pickled Onions, Selection of snacks and nibbles including Bowls of Crisps, Salted Nuts, Cakes & Desserts: A Selection of Traditional Cakes, Assorted Fresh Cream Cakes, Sultana Scones & Cheese Scones with Butter. Teas and Coffees: Tea and Fresh Filter Coffee (includes cups, saucers, Biscuit, milks and sugar)

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