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The Smart Way to Our Party Planning

When you have yet another party coming up, corporate, private or any event, we use a structured approach we’ve developed over the years to help you over the head screeching episodes with some tried and tested ideas. We do know parties will be coming around every year for all sorts of events but it’s important that when you hire a professional caterer like ourselves, they draw on their experience to help you make them memorable.  We list a five step guide that is sure to help you keep the sweet memories of that special day, well! Every year.

Advance Planning

We always list this as a very important part of a successful event party. Who doesn’t know planning ‘makes perfect’. And what way to start by emphasising this very old ideal that’s it’s important to plan your event party well in advance. As a rule, we advise to plan ahead a good 2-3 weeks and get close if you will get the best of your event and offers on seasonal produce. At benons Catering, We welcome ideas from family and friends throughout our planning process. We recognise they are an invaluable part of your party event and often do have some brilliant ideas to help further spice up your day.

The Process

We will prepare a proposal which we invite you to put in any feedback. Iteration is the best way to help get your event refined to that great perfection.

It’s at this point ideas about the probable guest list begin to come to mind with things like guest numbers, any tastes and special dietary needs all considered at this time.


The venue for your event is equally important in determining what sort of buffet might best suit your event. Have a look at possible venues and discuss these with family and friends to garner their views. The great British weather almost certainly always plays a role in any outdoor events so this is the time to think whether this is a great idea at all. Summer time won’t have an issue, a BBQ or Spit Hog can be a brilliant idea. Winter time however mostly suits heart-warming menus like soups and hot buffets.

Do you have a theme?

Is your party themed? A 1920’s wedding party or a 1960’s hen do? The choice is yours. The Most memorable events are those that had a twist to them so theme your party if you can to give it that extra twist. Be sure to let us know as soon as possible to see if we can get this factored into our menu planning process. There are many ways to theme a party be it with an exotic cuisine, décor, entertainment or dress code.

At one party we organised in Hebden Bridge Hall in West Yorkshire, it was a 1960’s wedding theme for the couple who were marrying. We used the décor to bring this feel to wedding with a little imagination here and there. Let’s face it, on most parties we see balloons, ribbons confetti etc. The most important thing is to be as creative as possible

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