Unusual Buffets Menus

A buffet is a simple solution to feeding the mouths of many people, making them popular for corporate events, office meetings, parties, weddings and more. Just because they are a popular though doesn’t mean that they need to be boring. An unimaginative buffet may consist of dishes you’d expect such as sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls and other dull and unhealthy food but when planning a really special occasion it is still possible to use a buffet and host an amazing meal!

Whether you are looking for unusual wedding buffet menu ideas or are searching for that dish to make your party pop, read on as we highlight the most interesting and unusual buffet ideas!

Bite-sized mains

Classic main meals such as toad in the hole, fish and chips and bangers and mash can be downsized to finger food portions to provide an unexpected tasty dish. People will love this heart-warming food and, especially if you are looking for wedding buffet menu ideas, these treats will be just what your guests will be  wanting to eat after an evening of drinking and dancing! This idea is perfect for catering to vegetarians too, and serving up macaroni cheese will provide the perfect comfort food for everyone to enjoy.

Around the world

Take your guests around the world with a selection of meals that take inspiration from all corners of the globe. Allow everyone to try a taster of each country on offer by downsizing each dish to finger food portions. Choose bite sized burritos for Mexico, small samples of spaghetti for Italy, cute curries for your Asian offering and even a tiny turkey and roast potatoes to represent the Great British meat and two veg! This theme can also extend beyond the buffet, and venues could decorate the dining room to match the cultural influences of the diverse selection of meals on offer.

Focus on dessert

Dessert is a fun dish already, providing a naughty indulgence after the main course, so there is no other part of a meal more suited to an exciting food based extravaganza! Wow your guests by creating a pudding pantry filled with every sweet treat imaginable to make everyone there feel like they have been transported into their childhood dreams! There are lots of new innovations in the dessert sector such as ‘cold plates’ for making ice cream from scratch, right in front of your eyes, as well as mix and match frozen yoghurt stations and traditional candy floss machines. Whichever treats you choose, your guests will never forget the delight provided by your incredible display of desserts.

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